Hot Yoga class will consist of various yoga styles from Ashtanga to Yin within a heated environment (105 degrees) with added humidity. Be prepared to flow through poses, hold poses, stretch, breath, strengthen, balance and improve focus. The class ends with a 12-minute savasana (relaxation).


Experience the best of both worlds as Yoga and Kickboxing/Boxing collide. Learn Kickboxing/Boxing fundamentals and Yoga in a semi-heated, dimly lit room. We will stay authentic to both arts as we flow through Yoga sequences and Kickboxing/Boxing drills. Yoga and Kickboxing may seem very opposite but bringing them together creates equanimity. The first 40 minutes of class will consist of Yoga, shadow boxing, drills and heavy bag work. The last 20 minutes will be finding Bliss after the Bags with a restorative yoga practice.

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