It is suggested that you bring water, a yoga mat, and a hand towel. Most importantly, bring an open mind! We have mats and towels available to use (along with necessary props), and water bottles for sale for $1.

Hot yoga varies class to class, but the key elements that make it different are the heat and humidity. The room will range from 95-110 degrees, with added humidity via humidifiers. This will make for a great sweat! Prepare yourself by drinking plenty of water beforehand, and bringing water to drink during the class.
YES! Please feel free to take advantage of our showers.
Every yoga teacher will be able to teach all levels of yoga student. If there is a particular concern (ie. tight shoulders, wrist injury, etc.) you can let your teacher know before class so they can help you with modifications throughout.
You can visit our website, book through Zen Planner, or call us! Sign up early as classes fill quickly.

We understand that things come up! We ask that you be mindful when registering for a class – there is a $3.50 fee for unregistering. If you are unsure, you may register up to a half hour before class and if class is not full walk-ins can be accommodated. 


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!